APRIL 14, 2015 AGENDA (CORRECTED 4/14/15)

Meeting Call to Order 7:00 PM
1.) PLEDGE TO THE FLAG -- Recognition of Dignitaries, Officials and Visitors –
2.) Approval of Minutes –March 10, 2015 Town Board meeting        

3.) Monthly Reports
1.	Supervisor’s Financial Reports
2.	Town Clerk/Tax Collector Report
3.	Court Clerk’s Financial Reports Justice 
4.	Code Enforcement Officers Report 
5.	Dog Control Officer’s Report 
6.	Police Report
7.	Town Clerk’s Report to the Board
8.	Planning & Zoning Board’s Report
9.	Recreation Director Report
10.	Parks Commissioner Report
11.	Town Historian Report
12.	Fire Company Reports
13.	Brant Farnham Seniors

4.) Public Hearings – 8 PM special use permit Lonkey Collision Shop

5.) Acknowledgment of the floor for Visitors, Invited Guests and Presenters – 
6.) Old Business
1.	DOT Park work
2.	Meeting with Fema over bridge work
3.	Misc

7.) New Business
1.	Delayed USPS fwd tax bills
2.	Fire Protection Angola Control
3.	BAN Rate
4.	Resolution County Wide Efficiency Plan
5.	Resolution Shared services Village Farnham
6.	Misc. – Board of Assessment review Training

8.) Reports of Committees 

9.) Town Board reports –Councilmen- Chad Kaczmarek, Don Clark, Mark DeCarlo  
Supervisor Pero-Solar Liberty (Monitor)  LEWPA $250,000 grant awarded, Time Warner Phone Lines, CRA Engineers, DOT Mile strip Bridge, DOT bridge replacement, E Waste begins April 25,  summer fest meeting April 29 @ 7:00 PM  
7 Meetings attended in March Read summary 

10.) Recognized Privilege of the floor -- Please stand state your name (You have 3 min. to air your request) Thank You

11.) Meetings & Correspondence John Mills local law Pawn shops, Senator Pat Gallivan mandate relief & Tax Cap tax freeze, Peter Chiavetta EMS Core, Resolution Legislator Rath, Letter of approval ECEMC advisory board, Sales tax, Time Warner, Email from resident.   
12.) Miscellaneous Information
13.) Approval of Abstract

14.) Next Meeting --- MAY 12, 2015 at 7 PM

Will go to Executive Session for Pending Contract Negotiations

15.) Motion to Adjourn – Anna Chiavetta