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Happy 100th Birthday Angelo Militello!
Brant’s Centurion

Farnham’s 125th Anniversary



209 fully packed pages of local history

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Thank you for your support of the Brant - Farnham Historical Society’s recent project


WELCOME and thank you for your interest in the BRANT - FARNHAM HISTORICAL SOCIETY!

The Historical Society is a not-for-profit organization operating for educational and local history related purposes.
Meetings are held on the THIRD WEDNESDAY of each month

7pm - 9pm in the Historical Room at the Brant Town Hall.

The public is welcome and encouraged to visit!
Your Membership in the Historical Society is also encouraged - Application forms are available!

Blast From The Past
Brant-Farnham Newsletter September 2013
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Some of our Current Projects/activities:

Don’t forget ………………….

Some Projects that we would like to continue are:

* Collection of Newspaper clippings for our scrap books
* Collection of Photos for selected Displays / Archiving
* Collection of our Veterans Names: Revolutionary War to current day
* Accession and Collection of Historical Artifacts, Memorabilia donated by Town person and or relatives and Archiving of same

Some Projects on our "Wish List" are:

* Historical Landmark Plaques for Historical sites
* Landmark Signs to designate and mark Century old Homes
* Collect Search and Survey Information on Homes
* Create, Write and hopefully sell Historical Booklets on Brant & Farnham Themes / Topics
* Provide "Open House" hours in the Historical Room and invite Public to visit.
* Invite speakers to give presentations and talk about local history in surrounding areas



Patty Friend – Appointed Historian for Town of Brant