Meeting Call to Order 7:30 PM
1.) PLEDGE TO THE FLAG -- Recognition of Dignitaries, Officials and Visitors – 
2.) Approval of Minutes –JULY 14, & 29th special 2015 Town Board meeting        

3.) Monthly Reports
1.	Supervisor’s Financial Reports
2.	Town Clerk/Tax Collector Report
3.	Court Clerk’s Financial Reports Justice 
4.	Code Enforcement Officers Report 
5.	Dog Control Officer’s Report 
6.	Police Report
7.	Town Clerk’s Report to the Board
8.	Planning & Zoning Board’s Report
9.	Recreation Director Report
10.	Parks Commissioner Report
11.	Town Historian Report
12.	Fire Company Reports
13.	Brant Farnham Seniors

4.) Public Hearings – 

5.) Acknowledgment of the floor for Visitors, Invited Guests and Presenters – 
6.) Old Business
1.	E-Waste received 53 tires & 13 electronic drops next date is August 29th also the Date has been set for one stop drop on October 3rd at 9 am until ? 
2.	Conceptual Plan for the purchase of Park Land  
3.	Set info meeting on Purchase of Lake Property
4.	Street Light Pole 169 on Milestrip rd.
5.	Misc

7.) New Business
1.	Purchase contract with Ellen Rusling for Lake Front property  
2.	Letter of Resignation from Officer Clayton Reed
3.	Appointment of Kathy Vespa to the ZBA to replace Bill Friend

8.) Reports of Committees – Tech Committee

9.) Town Board reports –Councilmen- Chad Kaczmarek, Don Clark, Mark DeCarlo  
Supervisor Pero- Recreation ends on 15th, Pool closes on the 30th,Drop Box, Solar Liberty for Solar Phase I, Parking Lot Town Hall 
13 Meetings attended in JULY Read summary

10.) Recognized Privilege of the floor -- Please stand state your name (You have 3 min. to air your request) Thank You

11.) Meetings & Correspondence Erie County Health Dept., Visiting Nurses, Office of real property Equalization rate, West Valley Citizen Task Force, CDBG 2nd Quarter report, Sales Tax, Time Warner
12.) Miscellaneous Information

13.) Approval of Abstract

14.) Next Meeting --- SEPTEMBER 8, 2015 at 7:30 PM note the time for September Meeting

15.) Motion to Adjourn – in memory of Jean Winters